CHAMPS clothespin chart- Students know exactly how they are to work on an assignment or activity when you use this chart!

Classroom Reveal

Love this idea for letting students know how to work at a glance. For the Help category, add a spot where student can't ask for help yet (combine with ideas on eliminating learned helplessness).

CHAMPS behavior management cards *FREE*

CHAMPS Bulletin Board Cards *UPDATED* These picture cards were created to go along with the CHAMPS classroom management plan. Use pre-cut letters (not included) to spell the word CHAMPS and use a pocket chart or

The Science Penguin: Classroom Pics and Organization

Classroom Pics and Organization

*I like the chart- how easy it is to change for each activity The Science Penguin: Classroom Pics and Organization

CHAMPS classroom management posters

CHAMPS is a classroom management system. It& overall goal is to teach students how to be successful in different classroom situations by es.

CHAMPS Classroom Management for little champions

Class CHAMPS Classroom Management for Little Champions

CHAMPS behavior management is the key to classroom behavior success. These posters, printables and activities are based upon CHAMPS classroom expectations. Set your students up for success…Teach your students to be class CHAMPS!

Manage your classroom expectations with this CHAMPS hanging poster. Click for the link to see it hanging in the classroom! Great space saver!

CHAMPS Clipchart [Color & Black/White]

CHAMPS Behavioral Classroom Check Sheet

CHAMPS Behavioral Classroom Check Sheet

This check sheet will help you keep track of your students behaviors in class. All you need to do is fill in their names and write the code in the box next to their name if they have broken a rule in class. At the end of the week you can average their

Kinder Tribe: Classroom Management with CHAMPS!

CHAMPS Behavior Management system allows you to set clear expectations with your students allowing for a peaceful and organized classroom atmosphere!