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4 things an Irishman will always Love, Honor, Respect and Defend till his last breath GOD The Woman and Children he loves The Land he is on His Country

This magnificent 8th century Celtic cross from County Offaly, Ireland, depicts Christ in Majesty flanked by trumpeting and adoring angels and the Lamb of God, with additional Biblical scenes of Daniel and the Lion, David the Harpist, Abraham and Isaac and a scene which seems to depict the Trinity with the Word of God.  In addition, there are four Celtic knots and four spiralling bosses, perhaps symbolizing the four Gospels.

An century Celtic cross, County Offaly, Ireland. Depicts Christ in Majesty…

Free Hand Embroidery Pattern - Celtic Cross (and tons of other hand embroidery free patterns and techniques!)

Free Hand Embroidery Pattern: Celtic Cross

Free Hand Embroidery Pattern - Celtic Cross Needle N' Thread . site has lots of free emboidery patterns