Havana Heroes - Celia Cruz, the “Queen of Salsa Music,” electrifying audiences with her wide-ranging, soulful voice and rhythmically compelling style. Her flamboyant costumes, which included varicoloured wigs, tight sequined dresses, and outlandishly high heels, became so famous that one of them was acquired by the Smithsonian Institution. #traveldeeper

Celia Cruz (born in Havana, Cuba as Úrsula Hilaria Celia de la Caridad Cruz…

Celia Cruz, 1950s.

Celia Cruz: Her Life and Music

A Smithsonian exhibit pays tribute to Celia Cruz, the Cuban-born "Queen of Salsa." It's a chance to relish her music and sift through relics of her colorful career, including examples of costumes that came in a rainbow of hues.

celia cruz's profoundly soulful voice and vibrant presence revolutionized latin music for nearly six decades. (havana) #travelcolorfully

Celia Cruz born in Havana, Cuba, her profoundly soulful signature voice and colorful presence revolutionized Latin music for nearly six decades.