Quick review: when we first realized we were going to need a nursery (and that we didn’t want to give up the guest room for it, at least not right away), we planned to hire someone to put up a wall with french doors, dividing our ginormous (29 by 13) master bedroom into two sections. Then this started to seem….expensive. … Continue reading →

Kvar-FAIL: the story of a room divider -

Make this Room Divider from Ikea Curtain Panels and a Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod. Will work for the windows of our holiday home too. We have way too many windows. Will be easier to ceiling mount a curtain rod.in our living room .

I like the idea of hanging curtains around a pergola in the backyard for some privacy or more shade in the afternoons

Love this idea for our porch! Savvy Southern Style: My Favorite Room.The Painted Home (clever idea for hanging curtains in the corner of a porch!

Don't even need a 4 poster bed to add these drapes or curtains.  Ceiling mount curtain rods or do these pipes for same effect.  I like!  Could work for daughter's room

Curtain rods hung from the ceiling to simulate a canopy bed. I hung our curtain rods from the ceiling in my living room at our B to give our ceilings more height. This is a great idea to add a canopy feel to one of our guest rooms without the footboard.