Catedral de Segovia (Espana) Llamada la "Dama de las Catedrales" la Catedral de Segovia fue construida entre 1525 y 1577, para sustituir el templo románico semidestruido en las guerras de las comunidades.  Por tanto es, junto a la catedral nueva de Salamanca, la muestra del gótico más tardía de la arquitectura española.

A style unique to the Iberian peninsula, Plateresque puts in evidence the preference Spanish peopla have had over the centuries for richly ornate, intricate, boisterous designs.

Plaza Mayor y Catedral di Segovia / Spain (by Roberto Díaz).

Plaza Mayor in Segovia, Spain

The Alcázar of Seville is a royal palace in Seville, Spain, originally a Moorish fort. It is the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe. The Almohades were the first to build a palace, which was called Al-Muwarak, on the site of the modern day Alcázar. The palace is one of the best remaining examples of mudéjar architecture. Subsequent monarchs have added their own additions to the Alcázar. The upper levels of the Alcázar are still used by the royal family as the official Seville…

Alcázar of Segovia ~ Castile and León, Spain. Find more Spanish awesomeness…

Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción y de San Frutos, Segovia, Spain

Segovia Cathedral, Spain Catedral de Segovia, España It'd be so gnarly to devote an entire vacation to visiting Cathedrals like this.

Catedral #Segovia #España

Catedral #Segovia #España

Catedral de Segovia, Spain. Been here. So breathtaking.

Segovia is located in central Spain. It's an ancient city, settled by the Romans. An ancient Roman aqueduct provided the city's water supply until

Segovia, la cttà dei contrasti tra monumenti e opere di architettura. -

Isabelline Gothic, Spain - Segovia Cathedral, by Juan Gil de Hontanon and his son Rodrigo.

catedral, segovia spain

Segovia Cathedral is a Roman Catholic religious building in Segovia, Spain.