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The wonderful characters of Castle Crashers

Castle crashers characters if you want to collect each character,here you go!

Castle Crashers Game Funny Parody; Pink Knight Unicorn.

Play the Pink knight on Castle Crashers and defeat your enemies by spreading peace and love.

Dan Paladin (Alien Hominid & Castle Crashers)

Piece by primary game artist Dan Paladin for Behemoth's 2008 beat-'em-up "Castle Crashers"

castle crashers by chingisss

I think that the characters of Castle Crashers are very excellent designs.

Castle Crashers!!!

Chillin like the Villin that is Killin while Spillin human Fillin

purple knight | Castle Crashers - Purple Knight and Pink Knight by MelSpontaneus on ...

- Castle Crashers © Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp (The Behemoth) Art: (Me) Mad. Castle Crashers - Purple Knight and Pink Knight