DIY Recycled Cardboard Dollhouse - not sure that I'll ever find the time to actually do it.. but I so love the idea!

6 Ways To Make A Cardboard Dollhouse

DIY Recycled Cardboard Dollhouse - Six Ways to Make a Cardboard Doll House

Cardboard Dollhouse made by Laybsbylay from Merrilee Liddiards book Playful

cardboard dollhouse

Had fun making a cardboard brownstone a la Might be the best use of leftover christmas boxes ever. It's keeping Vivi very busy! by laybabylay

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7 of the Best DIY Cardboard Play Structures and Tutorials

Cardboard Dollhouse DIY with rooftop garden. Look at ALL the photos [see Cardboard Dollhouse Set] to see how clever she was with her use of everyday items to furnish and decorate.