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Barbie’s cape with hood is dramatic for wearing out to the opera over one of her long evening dresses (which you can make yourself also). Instructions for saving and printing jpg or pd… Mehr

Free sewing pattern. Long, hooded cloak.

New Free Pattern: The Long Hooded Cape

The Red Riding Hood Cape is one of my most popular. But the one complaint I get about the easy to sew half cape – is that it’s a half cape. I kept getting asked how to make it longer or…

Kaftan cape pattern: make this with an antique Paisley, bestill my heart!

Very simple idea, relies on the fabric and embellishment to carry impact as pattern is extremely simplified.

Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern- Free pattern download for adult, child, and large child sizes!

Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern

Will keep the chill from nipping, but not the wolves. This cape has a video tutorial with a FREE sewing pattern. It's only six steps - looks DIY easy! Love this fleece sewing Project - Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern.

pattern break down

Long Hooded Cloak Pattern {FREE}

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