pizza burgers, like we use to have "back in the day" at school :)

Pizza Burgers Recipe - except omit pepperoni, add mushrooms stems and pieces and top with other half of bun. wrap in aluminum foil. bake what you need and freeze the rest for a quick lunch later. Thank you, Aunt Vera Byrum (East Side Presbyterian)

If I had a coffee shop... But I don't so I'll use this look for my kitchen!

bextyers: Barker Tea House, Cardiff, Wales. (Breakfast At Zara's)

Laminas para cocina | Aprender manualidades es

Laminas para cocina

NEED THIS POSTER IN MY DINING ROOM! Love this sign! Wouldn't you love to sit in this coffee shop with a friend? Yeah, I know it's just a sign. You can buy this poster by going to the link imbedded in this pin.

Key Lime Pie Cupcakes | The Domestic Rebel

Key Lime Pie Cupcakes

These sweet and tart Key Lime Pie Cupcakes are packed with juicy key lime flavor and a sweet graham cracker sprinkle. They taste exactly like zesty key lime pie but in cupcake form! Here's this because I post a lot of super sweet cupcakes!

3 Iced Coffees for Summer! Coffee Coke (made with coca-cola, condensed milk, Mojito mix, vanilla ice cream and other goodies!) Picasso (made with peach juice, Chantily, espresso, and other goodies!) Orancinno (made with orange marmalade, espresso, chantily and other goodies)

COFFEE COKE 50 ml of cold espresso 50 ml of Coca-Cola 1 tablespoon of condensed milk 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup 1 teaspoon Mojito Mix (syrup) 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream Chocolate shavings to decorate Blend espresso, Coca

50 Afternoon Tea Recipes - from finger sandwiches, and savoury tarts, to scones, cakes, pastries, and patisserie. All the recipes you will need to host an afternoon tea party!

50 Afternoon Tea Recipes

Some new recipes to try for Tea Time @ The Britt Road House from finger sandwiches, and savoury tarts, to scones, cakes and pastries.

Here's a classroom poster to show students how important they are....I think I will make and put outside my office and sign...your Principal

Here's a classroom poster to show students how important they are.I think I will make and put outside my office and sign.your Principal (or change students to teachers)

The perfect addition to any cafeteria, lunch room or classroom. Instant download 16x20 chalkboard sign.LUNCHROOMRULES1. Stay in your seat.2. Talk quietly.3. Eat your own food.4. Clean your mess.5. Say kind things.6. Do Not Gossip.7. Line up quickly and quietly.School-Wide Expectations1.

Lunchroom Rules Cafeteria Lunch School Teacher Chalkboard Poster Sign Decor

Pizza Burgers Recipe | Just A Pinch Recipes

Pizza Burgers

This one's open face. If you kick the cheese, and make it "pizza with everything", you've REALLY got a good pizza burger. I'd use hamburger moms recipe uses Spam and burger.the only way I'll eat the stuff ;

What a gorgeous pink tea party with beautiful cookies!  See more party ideas at!

Tea Party / Birthday "Vanessa's 5th Birthday "

Center for Young Women's Health. Backpacks are a better option than one-strap shoulder, one-strap athletic, or messenger style bags for carrying books and supplies

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