Echinopsis cactus garden

If you have never seen the Cactus at Flowering time, you must visit Arizona at this time of year. We lived in Arizona for 4 years and loved the blooming of the cactus!

Cactus Flower

I used a flash on this one to flood some light down into the petals and down inside the middle of the flower. Taken in the arid greenhouse, Chicago Botanic Garden Jun 2013

Notocactus magnificus syn. Parodia magnifica

Notocactus magnificus This fantastic blooming cactus is growing in Larry& front yard in Orange County, California. Photo by Michael Buckner.

Sukkulente: Euphorbia lactea “Cristata” Pflegetips..The plant is currently available at Ikea and is researching a row since around 2006 on the German market. It is a succulent plant and need little water accordingly.

Sukkulente: Euphorbia lactea “Cristata” Pflegetips: She needs very little Water because Mother made her, through GOD, to be constantly FULL of Water.

Mammillaria pilcayensis                                                                                                                                                     More

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Dragon fruit cactus.

Some people call this fruit by the name of god Fruit. Until now the dragon fruit in Indonesia will require substantial and not just the local.

Encantador creativo carnosas planta de cactus flores imán del refrigerador(China (Mainland))

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Las flores de los cactus son impresionantes, ¡si no te lo crees no te pierdas estas fotografías!

Imágenes de cactus floridos y cómo conseguir que los tuyos lo hagan