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Photo of Thorny Seahorse Hippocampus histrix. High Quality Thorny Seahorse Stock Photos and Fine Art Prints available from Oceanwide Images Stock Photo Library.

My dream is to have a salt water tank in my dream house :)

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I love sea Creature! Unlike most sea creatures, sea horses are monogamous for life and are the only species on earth in which the male carry the unborn young. *I love sea creatures*

Awesome Animals: Sea Life, love sea horses, solo cute one of my favorites creatures in the waters

(RE&D) K-PAX Seahorse, tints of blue, classical green along with soulful orange is the title given to 54 species of marine fish in the genus Hippocampus. "Hippocampus" comes from the Ancient Greek hippos meaning "horse" and kampos meaning "sea monster.

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This beautiful bracelet features opal Czech beads hand knotted with nylon cord featuring an artisan bronze sea horse and hope charm that dangle

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Saatchi Art Artist Jackie Velarde; Sculpture, "Caballo de mar" #art

Caballo de mar

Saatchi Art Artist Jackie Velarde; Sculpture, "Caballo de mar" #art