bubble mix   12 cups water  1 cup dish soap (blue Dawn is the best)  1 cup cornstarch  2 TBSP baking powder

VBS Idea - DIY bubble mix-plus a really cool photo! Ingredients: 12 cups water 1 cup dish soap (blue Dawn is the best) 1 cup cornstarch 2 TBSP baking powder


The figure would be the bubbles, the ground would be the building in the back.

Childhood memories of carefree days filled with tea parties, building forts, games of hide and go seek until the sun began to set and running through fields chasing sun-kissed iridescent soap bubbles…

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The best recipe for bubbles and a cool way of storing and dispensing them!

Bubble Mixture Recipe

Have you ever wanted to know how to make your own bubble mixture? Here is a simple recipe and a great way of storing it so the kids can help themselves!

A great way to help children with number recognition. How many bubbles did you see? Doesn't have to be right, a good guess is fine. A beneficial skill for later on that doesn't get practiced enough.

I have this new infatuation with soap bubbles. Is that strange? I think i would blow bubbles all day from this bottles of bubble liquid if i could afford one (oh my adorable little teenage fund) (*´∇`*) - House Decorators Collection

bubble popping sequence: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1199149/Super-slow-motion-pictures-soap-bubble-bursting-stunning-detail.html

Super-slow-motion pictures show soap bubble bursting in stunning detail

Homemade Bouncing Bubbles Recipe + Video (No glycerin or corn syrup) | A Little Pinch of Perfect

Water, 2 T sugar, 1 T Water Mix Blow bubbles catch on gloved hand.----also try: water, 1 tbsp rubbing alcohol, 2 tbsp (guar gum and baking powder mixed) 1 cup dawn.

exquisite bubble shot (by TomFalconer@flickr) #clickaway

exquisite bubble shot (by TomFalconer you can be in a bubble(cocoon) and be inverted in yourself. but bubbles can still be relfective of the world around you