Downton Abbey

REVIEW: 'Downton Abbey' - Sob Story Continues For Mr Bates And Anna

so this. this is a young mr. bates (via downton) and that's all I am going to say about that.

Oh Lord! Just look what we did before Downton: Photos show stars before they became household names

Brendan Coyle - great British character actor! North and South as Mr. Higgins, in Downtown Abbey as Mr. Bates.

I think Brendan Coyle is sexy as hell! Higgins, in Downtown Abbey as Mr.

Mr. Bates before he was Mr. Bates. Brendan Coyle in The Glass Virgin (1995)

Brendan Coyle in "The Glass Virgin". I loved him in this role, long before he was Mr. Bates on Downton Abbey.

Mr. Bates- Downton Abbey

Brendan Coyle on period drama, Downton Abbey and playing a modern man in Starlings (RADIO TIMES)