brad pitt.

Brad Pitt is gorgeous at any age (50 pics)

shallow and predictable to pin this because he's brad pitt.he's brad pitt. theres a reason he's brad pitt.

Campfire Pizza Log @Cindy Yoder @Rachel Buckler @Anna Lawrence @Becky Franciscotty @Megan Rowden Potts @Rickey Aldrich.

Campfire Pizza Log - Roll out pizza dough. Top w/ cheese, toppings, seasoning. Roll to a log, tuck edges in. Wrap in foil. Cook when almost thawed. Place pizza log in its foil on grill or coals.

extremely funny caricatures | Very funny caricatures of famous people, and also very well made.

Caricatures by Patrick Strogulski - Brad Pitt as Lieutenant Aldo Raine from Inglourious Basterds

The right amount of facial Hair with long hair on a dude. No lumberjack bullshit.

Brad Pitt is gorgeous at any age (50 pics)

DIY Table Top Fire Bowls! • Check out these wonderful table top fire bowl projects! Easy.... and they look great in any garden or outdoor space!!

DIY Tabletop Fire Bowls

Sometimes you don’t want to build a whole “fire pit” adventure in your backyard, but you still want that fire factor. No problem, we found some easy DIY table t

The technique behind Martin Schoeller's photography...  "And that always fascinated me, the idea of taking portraits, in my case, that allow comparison, treating different people from different walks of life and backgrounds all the same. Photographing everybody technically the same. Therefore, building a democratic platform that allows comparison and invites comparison."

Q&A: The Technique Behind Martin Schoeller's Photography

This is how celebrities really look like.normal people :D Paris Hilton These photos were taken by the talented photographer Martin Schoeller. See the whole collection of similar close-up portraits here

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Legends of the of THE greatest movies of all time, Brad in his prime

Legends of the of THE greatest movies of all time, Brad in his prime

superhero - the young brad

whoa young brad pitt in a batman shirt. double hot can't handle this.

DONE! Hawaiian Luau:  When I worked at TIME they took us to a Hawaii for an off-site.  It was nice - a lot of work but a lot of play too ... one night there was a terrific luau featuring a pig that had been roasting in a buried sand pit since six a.m.

Bucket List: Go to a Hawaiian luau. Eat roast pig cooked in an under ground fire pit covered with leaves.