BRAT PITT.... Elegante!

Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black. He is literally perfect in the first scene :)

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brad pitt ten to fifteen years ago and even before that. Give me THAT brad Pitt back!

Brad Pitt  hid his longer locks under a backward baseball cap during a night out in LA in January 1992.

52 Years of Epic Brad Pitt Hotness

Brad Pitt is 51 today! It's hard to believe, but it's been nearly 30 years since Brad arrived in Hollywood as a fresh-faced youngster from Missouri.

Brad Pitt (I'm not an armpit fan, but in this pic I wouldn't kick him out of my bed... I'm just sayin)

Do You Love Arms or Abs? Shoulders or Back? Which Body Parts Really Turn Us On

Ok as a kid and it this day brad pit is like my man idol kinda if that's not super weird. But I always wanted to be like him I guess as a kid. But he's also an awesome actor/dude/dad/husband/and person

Brad Pitt. Long hair, short hair, bad ass and romantic. Whew!

Brad Pitt from Hollywood's Sexiest Men

No soy gay, pero Brad Pitt me re puede

No soy gay, pero Brad Pitt me re puede

Brad Pitt - Stars looking good & bad with shaved heads - Digital Spy

Brad Pitt in NOLA filming Interview with a Vampire. The film was shot at night so he spent his days exploring the city by bike. His time there spurred a twenty year love affair with the city that continues today ~

Brad Pitt doing his thing in New Orleans on a vintage bike - apparently he's around a lot. Maybe third trip's the charm, maybe I'll see him.