No soy gay, pero Brad Pitt me re puede

No soy gay, pero Brad Pitt me re puede

Brad Pitt - Stars looking good & bad with shaved heads - Digital Spy

Brad Pitt (I'm not an armpit fan, but in this pic I wouldn't kick him out of my bed... I'm just sayin)

Do You Love Arms or Abs? Shoulders or Back? Which Body Parts Really Turn Us On

Ok as a kid and it this day brad pit is like my man idol kinda if that's not super weird. But I always wanted to be like him I guess as a kid. But he's also an awesome actor/dude/dad/husband/and person

Brad Pitt | 84th Le Mans 24 hours

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Brad Pitt, un hombre de elegancia atemporal

Brad Pitt during the filming of the movie "Mr. Smith" in the south of Italy, Cool colors/ fall colors

BRAT PITT.... Elegante!

Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black. He is literally perfect in the first scene :)