Insensitive men....

You can never teach a guy to love you theway to want to be loved. You have to wait for him to do it in hisown way, in his own time, that’s the saddast part of being a girl.But you can never teach a girl to love the guy back – the way shedid before – i

Boyfriend Problems

silence is a girls loudest cry , she's really hurt when she starts to ignore. SOME guys neva know when girls keep quie.

Ladies, have your husband or boyfriend read this, it will make your life and their life so much easier

If A Girl Is Silent, It’s Dangerous, Silence Quotes

You were my first choice for 3 years now and for you i wasnt even a thought. You pushed me away like i was nothing, less than trash. At least you pick up trash. For me you just keep kickin me while im already knocked out on the floor.

Not that I don't have best friends, but all my friends are closer to at least one person than they are to me. I'm nobody's closest friend, I'm second best friend at most.

My parents need to learn to fucking listen and not accuse me of completely untrue things because they're going to drive me insane. <<<< My parents need to fucking realize that just because im young dosent mean that my life is fucking rainbows and glitter and it fucking sucks sometimes and they also need to start seeing that i have problems too not just like math problems but life my sexuality for example :/

This is so true! I'm a frikin teen let me live a little! And I HATE how much my parents compare me to little goody 2 shoes's

No boyfriend, no problems.

No boyfriend, no problems.

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Ummm... I do that....<<I have five of these realities...I thought it was just a vivid imagination

<<I have five of these realities.I thought it was just a vivid imagination<<< Well I guess that explains a lot but I'm scared now

Trying to keep up with his long strides is what keeps you in shape. | 22 Undeniable Perks Of Having A Tall Boyfriend

Trying to keep up with his long strides is what keeps you in shape.

Fangirl problems & underly attached boyfriend problems

When I accidentally step on my dog and he runs away.

And because health is so much bigger than the physical, she also dropped this little gem: "Don’t use your body as a dump. Stop dumping in boyfriend problems, stop dumping in the bad food!"

This 63-Year-Old Mom Quit Her Job As A Social Worker To Become A Fitness Trainer