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Worry Stones

I use worry stones - except I draw a paint marker smiley face on each one. When the smiley face wears off it "means" the happiness is now inside of "you.

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Pinner says : My husband received this gift in a simple baggie from his boss. I thought it was so cute and thoughtful, I plan to use it next year and thought I would share the idea with everyone here.

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DIY Stress Relief Kit

We all experience some form of stress or another, so that's why this little Stress Relief Kit is such a cute idea to give someone.

Make a box of sunshine for your friends and family when they aren't feeling well or just need a pick-me-up! These are great gift ideas!

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DIY Simple Stress Relief Package and Free Download!  I'm totally making these for my co-workers this Christmas! Ironic part is...I work in a doctor's office! Love this!

Coping With Stress And Anxiety

Simple Stress Relief Package: about bubble wrap (to pop) tied in baker's twine, mini chocolates. Tag reads: Stress Relief Directions: Simply pop stress relieving capsules every hours or as needed. If symptoms persists, grab some chocolate