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I realize this is supposed to be motivational for men definitely works both ways. I really am a back girl.) lol And i really am a back guy💪🏽🔥

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It's amazing how many people hate you once you're healthy and happy. Just smile and keep on giving them a reason to hate you ;    Bodybuilding quotes

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Find a way, not excuses  Successful people are not scared of obstacles!  Simeon Panda  #fit #fitness #fitblr #fitspo #motivation #gym #gymaholic #workouts #nutrition #supplements #muscles

Self-Control Psychology and Weight Loss. Apply effective strategies to resist temptations and stick your long-term goals.

Don't stop! You can do this! #fitness #gym #exercise #quote

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These fitness motivational quotes will empower you with will power that of the gods! Enter the ultimate source of inspiration for your bodybuilding goals.

When do you put in the work? #motivation #training #fitspo #crossfit #athlete

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