A solid black woven fabric for the basis of the pants. Minus the shiny look, the fabric reduces friction while moving and highlights the black denim straps.

Leather fabric per meter at cheap price! This soft imitation leather is a very smooth and soft leather type. A beautiful look with durability and ease of use.

Simple Complexity - beautiful use of fabric manipulation to create contrast; horizontal & vertical gathering on two types of black fabric, sheer & opaque: Giambattista Valli

Woven textiles design for fashion - jacket with ribbon weave structure; garment construction detail // Miriam Ponsa by Maija Ābele

This is the BLACK version of our Silk Velvet fabric…Dharma Trading. Use with Victory Patterns "Lola" dress.

Sumptuous Sculptural Fashion - dress with beautiful pleats & dimensional flowing textures // Yiqing Yin amazing fashion installations , textile art of fabric manipulation design genius yiqing yin

Swiss Cross Fabric in black - Fabric by the yard. Upholstery Fabric by the meter. Thick cotton Swiss Cross Fabric Black and White.

Black Fabric Sets a Spectacular Stage for Colorful Embroidered Hoop Art

While many embroiderers stitch on light-colored fabrics, Tusk and Cardinal shows that black fabric sets the stage for spectacular hoop art.