Family Birthday Platter - Lori Dodson Designs.

I like that each candle represents a family member: Family Birthday Platter - Lori Dodson Designs.

Birthday plates - must make or buy one to start a new tradition in the new house

I know Aedriel- the creator of these, and if we want to create a signature plate we might be able to talk to her and see what we can do! Might be a fun and unique "staple" product that really ties into our name and meaning

birthday plate - might diy something like this.

Happy Birthday Plates: Happy Birthday Plates make a wonderful birthday gift especially for baby's first birthday, that can be used every single year again and again.

Cute birthday plate! :-)  Handmade: Colorful tableware | creamylife blog

I wanna make a plate like this that we start using with Raylyn on all special days (birthdays, good report cards, etc.

another birthday plate

Personalized Birthday Plate - Hand Painted Birthday Plate - Pink and Green Colorful Cupcake