#marry your best friend

hplyrikz: “Have you ever sacrificed so much for one person? Just to see them happy even if you’re hurting on the inside? Then they just leave like nothing happened, like all those years you spent.

This is going to be hard- staying away from drama because it seems everyone is yelling at me and bullying my best friend who is anorexic

Haha true.

My Scorpio and Libra friends do look deadly but are actually really nice, my Aquarius friend is too kind, then there's me, the gemini. I have RBF as my family says.

All of the pain, suffering and paranoia, is on you Rachel, you and you alone are responsible for all of the hate, grief and discontent

The best relationships...

Ryan and I were BEST friends before we started dating and I am EXTREMELY happy in our relationship Good advice, good advice

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we can count our TRUE friends on one hand, IF WE'RE LUCKY. This is more wise and true fact than I ever believed at the time. ★ (See other fun Psychology facts here, too!


It is such a lonely feeling when someone you care about becomes a stranger. A loneliness that is magnified when you loved that person so much you couldn't imagine a day without them in it.Now we are strangers😔.