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This couldn't be more true. Being and aunt has literally changed my live, it is the best thing that has ever happened i. My life. 6 nephews and a 1 little precious niece, I couldn't love any of them more. Jesus has been too good to me and my family!

The advantages of being an aunt to 2 gorgeous little boys named Troy and Trevor!

You couldn't scream my name but it made my heart smile when you ran to me laughing in excitement,that smile was my reason to be for so long

Nieces and Nephews, and parenting. Parenting quotes, encouragement, and inspiration at

Free, Family Ecard: Nieces and Nephews give you the chance to be the parent you would be if you didn't have to worry about being a parent.

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Becoming an aunt is a great and adventurous step. Here are some being an aunt quotes to get you charged up about it. Enjoy the happy event!

Don't need to be a parent to enjoy this quote. You might also be an aunt or uncle, or maybe have a fur baby.                                                                                                                                                      More

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