Bright leaves and Bean Boots

Golden Blanket Scarf, Cable Knit Turtleneck & Vest

Lived in New England my whole life and just bought my first pair of bean boots today! Because they're expensive and my parents aren't made of money 😊😊😊 Kinda hate that they're a fashion trend now, and who the hell ties the laces like this?

Covering the Bases | Fashion and Travel Blog New York City: LL Bean Duck Boots

LL Bean Duck Boots

It's time to invest in snow boots to prep for the craziest winter yet! Women's Bean Boots by L.Bean®, in Navy

LL Bean Boots + Sweaters


Classy Girls Wear Pearls: Apples, Pumpkins, and Friends for the Picking I need to remember I have navy duck boots, they are cute with fall sweaters!

Prep Avenue: How to tie your Bean Boots

How to tie your Bean Boots

Prep Avenue: How to tie your Bean Boots. Can't wait to wear my bean boots this winter

Bean boots. Size 9...I like the slip on ones on L. L. Beans website.

kieljamespatrick: Maybe different but remember winters warm there you and I. Kissing whiskey by the fire with the snow outside. And when the summer comes in the river swim at midnight (shiver, cold) touch the bottom (stars are bright) with muddy toes