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I know where my heart is but that isnt an option at this point. i will miss him so much when i go back to school tomorrow. back pain quotes

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Your girl, your woman but most of all your wife & life partner forever. for all the women you could chose, I want you to chose me ❤️Rick❤️

Star crossed lovers

You have nonidea how important timing is until you meet someone who's perfect for you but you can't be together because of external forces which are out of your control. Via WordPorn

ThE sToRm ~ḆÊ~ mE

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I promise you, i'll be there every day, you are my everything and the incredible, Godly woman I will spend the rest of my life with. I wuv YOU Dutchrose <3 always rember that and never doubt it ;-**

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I will never stop loving you xx I just want to come home now, I miss you Every day and every night. All I think about is you xx

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Love quotes serve as great inspiration for your wedding vows. These love quotes from amazing authors such as A. Milne, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Bronte, and

I’ve got a new story to write...this is my year of magnificent transformations, where I go within and mine the vein of gold deep down in my soul!

You've got a new story to write. And it looks nothing like your past Letting your past haunt you is hard to avoid. How do you cope with your ghosts ?

One friendship of mine has just disappointed me. But I guess they'll never know or realize about it. Anyways, I need to be happy. I need to let it go. They don't care anyway.

People will always disappoint us because we are all imperfect. but we can give grace w/o being a doormat. If we cut off relationships of those who disappoint us, we will end up alone. But leaving them in my life makes me lonely too.

It's time I start running the show! Time to be brave but humble. Here I come 2018! Let's go!

I thought 2017 was an amazing year for G and A and Alan and Lewis. It's going to be a wild ride.