Funko Pop DC comics inspirado en Batman por TheRunawayGirl en Etsy

Funko Pop/DC comics Inspired Batman Amigurumi by TheRunawayGirl - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

wowee, Batman Amigurumi by Tales of Twisted Fibers, thanks so for kind share xox

Batman Amigurumi Free Pattern

Realistic amigurumi Batman! Crochet pattern by #tinyAlchemy

Batman CROCHET PATTERN / Batman amigurumi pattern / tutorial for Batman doll / amigurumi design for comic superhero / gift idea for boys tinyAlchemy USD October 16 2015 at

Batman CROCHET toy PATTERN / Batman amigurumi by tinyAlchemy

Crochet pattern for super realistic doll of Batman! This is almost a crochet action figure :D Completed Batman amigurumi will measure about 36 cm /

Free Bat Buddy crochet pattern, amigurumi doll.

This batman amigurumi crochet pattern, is the perfect companion for that special little hero-loving boy or girl in your life!

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Pack 5 in 1 : Batman, Ironman, Spiderman, Captain America, Superman Amigurumi Pattern SuperHero Marvel Easy DIY PDF Crochet Tutorial

Batman v Superman - Crochet Amigurumi - #lemonyarncreations #amigurumi #dcuniverse #dccomics #batman #superman #batmanvsuperman

When I started my journey in the world of amigurumi I had a fascination for small creations, the smaller the cuter. The main reason was because small dolls required less time than bigger ones, and …

Ravelry: Чарли Браун Вязание шаблон шаблон с Мамо Swala

Crochet Pattern - Charlie Brown My husband is a dedicated Charlie Brown fan. He was very happy to see his idol come to life in a crochet

Amigurumi spiderman free crochet pattern

Let's crochet a popular superhero - Spiderman amigurumi! This free Amigurumi Spiderman Pattern is designed to meet a beginner crochet level.

Finished the final details on Joker today!  My sister didn't like his mouth because it's too "creepy" and she thinks he's not cute anymore  I still think he's cute though  Hope you g...

Finished the final details on Joker today! My sister didn't like his mouth because it's too "creepy" and she thinks he's not cute anymore I .

I need these for my classroom next year! Keith tell your mom to make them for me!

Iron Man

The weekend is for sure the best part of the week, when I can finally spend my time crafting around. It’s only saturday and I already managed to finish two crochet creations of my order list.