mererecorder: “Sir Billy the Cockatrice by arvalis ”

mererecorder: Sir Billy the Cockatrice by... - obsoletesystem

I did this illustration last month for Cubebrush, a concept artist tutorial site. The entire process was recorded and turned into a video lecture . Sir Billy the Cockatrice

Dragon concept by on @DeviantArt

CopperBack Dragon It's a draconic creature that lives in the most cold and rocky volcanic areas (think of Iceland).

Not sure what it is. Butterfly wyvern thing.

By Pavonis Giron aka Prayke / Personal work from breaks between commission work - a character named Pivot I keep revisiting! Maybe someday soon I’ll hammer out some of Pivot & Clyde’s story

la llorona, el silbon, el basilisco chilote, el cadejo lesson plans

Hispanic Myths & Legends: La Llorona



The image shown is a mythical creature called a cockatrice. When the Duchess exclaims, “O my accursèd womb, the bed of death!/ A cockatrice hast thou hatched to the world,/ Whose unavoided eye is murderous”(4.1.57-59), she is describing how she essentially spawned the devil (Richard).


A cockatrice is a mythical beast, essentially a two-legged dragon with a roosters head.