Too many people put up a fake facade - we need truth

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Too many people put up a fake facade - we need truth! Only in Time Your Life of Lies will be Exposed.

� Levalet (don't know if he's the artist or the photographer. don't know either where this was shot)

Street Art by Charles Leval

The Earth without art is just 'eh'. Street art in Paris, France, by artist Levalet. Photo by Levalet Art

Banksy (maybe)

Banksy: Street West in Lancaster, California, Beautifully done and I saw the artist and a girl working on it. City workers painted over it within days. I have a picture of it. I will post it soon. I had no idea it was the elusive Banksy, it was amazing.


(k)art-work - The World of Postcards and its Storys: Schmetterlingstaler Postkarte von Anja

Banksy is mijn tweede persoon hij heeft zijn eigen visie op vrijheid hij heeft de mensen hoop dat alles terug goed zal komen

Banksy Girl With Balloon Photo: Courtesy of Galerie Kronsbein, Munich - "Nothing we can hold tight so that we should learn cherish the moment when it is in our hands.

The dream was not for blacks to become ignorant, arrogant and hateful. The dream was for equality. There's a difference. Pinterest: Daijanna

LR: method of argument, appeal to authority (cite an experts opinion to build the argument)

Pictures: Best of Banksy Graffiti | Metro UK

Pictures: Best of Banksy Graffiti

Quite simply two gay policemen kissing. I had an absolute mare getting this one up.