Si vous souhaitiez reproduire la déco de 221b Baker St ! #Sherlock

Map : Sherlock HOLMES

Illustrated map of 221 Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes' apartments, by Russell Stutler.

Tracie Ching - 221b - Baker Street Bronze Variant

Baker Street" Bronze Variant by Tracie Ching - Hero Complex Gallery

Sherlock (BBC)

Fixed it. It isn't Johnlock, yet it has certain feel to it that is more caring and the way the are inside. I didnt quite like how formal their goodbye ended up being. <<< I ship Johnlock but even if this is platonic I love this

Sherlock playing violin ! Love it !

Playing the violin and then seeing this man holding one makes me wanton play even more!

221B Baker Street Victorian England

London: Baker Street, in Victorian England (Fictional address of Sherlock Holmes)