Bocetos de una bailarina en diferentes posiciones

"Some anatomical studies - (Sport) by Laura Braga, via Behance"/dance/pose/anatomy/reference


"You do not wake up one morning say me 'll become dancer. wake up one morning and you realize that You've been a dancer all your lifetime . and you say to yourself: I'm a dancer. I am the dance "

El valet es una dansa de pasion y destresa , me encaaanntaaaa !

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Silhouette Ballerina 1 - Minus

Some say the ballet world has perpetuated an unrealistic ideal. As a result, many adults are reluctant to try ballet because they are self-conscious about their body.

Álbum de imágenes para la inspiración | Aprender manualidades es

Álbum de imágenes para la inspiración

Dance enables me to show the world my inner self and people see the real me. I might seem different online, in usual. But when I dance people see ANKITA.

I would love to have a room in my house converted to a dance studio complete with a wooden bar and wall mirror. This drawing would be painted on the other wall.

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