Shop Talk: Joy Gryson |  -New York shop-IIIBeCa, handbags under $200, and 9% of the profit goes to charity

Shop Talk: Joy Gryson

Tell us, what inspired you to start the IIIBeCa collection? The IIIBeCa collection was inspired by the idea that Peter and I wanted to give back to our community and the causes that are very important to…

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10 best spring handbags

Our display of Aeolist handmade clutches on our plank wood wall using simple clip boards from staples.

A great way to display all accessories including scarves using simple clipboards.

Kwanpen's handbags stand out from neutral stone displays

Kwanpen's handbags stand out from neutral stone displays - News - Frameweb

OMG, wouldn't this be just PERFECT for designer bags in your #consignment shop?

Exhibition Captures the Soul of the Modern Dandy

Hand with briefcase, from the 2011 “Dandy” exhibition at Nordiska Museet, Stockholm, by Swedish design studio Form Us With Love