Excellent article, if you are employed by someone or are a manager, this is valuable advice. Please read.

A bad boss can make or break your career, so you'll want to know the warning signs just in case you come across one in your career. Read on to learn five ways to spot a bad boss.

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When people have wronged you and try to make you look like the bad guy, you can't win. But accidents happen sometimes.

I do believe this is the reason most people choose to leave a job and move onto another job, a different career, a new direction

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"Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example." I know some people who totally have the wrong idea of this word

Leadership - the 6 most expensive words in business

Remember that the 6 most expensive words in business are: "We've always done it that way." - Catherine DeVrye Get new way - ForeverAalto 460 000 622 356