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My prediction: The Drama Queen will make a fool of herself again, then post a ton of self pity attention seeking quotes and try to blame you for the mess she is in. Honey, time to let go. funny,Quotes :),Quotes/Say

Talking openly about your mental health  IS NOT  ATTENTION SEEKING.

It's not attention seeking. Doing it in a healthy, positive way that the person is comfortable with helps to get rid of the stigma and, most importantly, helps the person going through that

Yes I know a few. Not my friends.  These women do not value themselves, they're weak..

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Yup... All that flashy shit don't impress me...bye

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This time of year these are great reminders for helping out with classroom management and those students that are feeling the stress of the end of the year.

Giving Attention Seeking Students the Right Kind of Attention