Atrium House - MESH Architectures - Brooklyn, NY.

Atrium House by MESH Architectures

Love the use of wooden sliding doors/shutters. Perfect for balconies which need to have multiple uses.

Prefabricated Cabins

Image 11 of 43 from gallery of Bergman – Werntoft House / Johan Sundberg. Photograph by Henrik Magnusson

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Image 10 of 17 from gallery of Atrium House / Tham & Videgård Arkitekter. Photograph by Åke E: son Lindman


When Living on the Edge is Super Comfortable

The plan of the house revolves around a rocky outcropping lush with life that acts as the home’s central atrium. The granite was left int.

Interior Courtyards: This image is from a lovely blog post on lookslikewhite about the beauty and delight of interior courtyards. Having an open-to-the-sky center of the home is a beneficial feature of Vastu. I plan something like this for my own house! Sherri Silverman, author of Vastu: Transcendental Home Design in Harmony with Nature.

Interior Courtyards

New York - Steven Harris Architects. An open courtyard separates the ground-floor sitting room from the home office.

Lots of pics of Steve Burns' house.  I really like his house, that it belongs to Steve is just a bonus!

Atrium House by MESH Architectures

Despite their beauty and functionality, urban homes with courtyards are a rarity in the U. Thus, the Atrium House by MESH Architectures is a rare gem of a home featuring a beautiful atrium courtyard right in the center