Gorgeous Athena Tattoo

Gorgeous Athena Tattoo

athena goddess of wisdom and war tattoos - Pesquisa Google

Athena : A very nice image with the helmet down, a cunning look, a dark aspect, and Medusa's head well-rendered on the shield. A look at the dangerous side of the Goddess of War.

Athena Sketch by ~Achen089 on deviantART

Athena Sketch by on deviantART. This is the tattoo I'm getting on my arm, minus the Acropolis in the background.

The Goddess Athena/Minerva.  She's the Greek/Roman Goddess of Wisdom (once War) and is usually depicted with a Shield, Spear and Helmet. The Owl is also linked to her.  #art #drawing #sketch

The Goddess Athena/Minerva. Would love a tattoo of the goddess Seshet in this style.