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Our international best seller, hands down. An absolute favourite around the globe that sells faster than you can say Desmond Miles. The Assassin's Creed III (DM Original) has been refitted in wi

LOLOL. Evie & Jacob Frye. Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Jacob's enthusiasm about starting a gang called the Rooks is so amusing XD (Assasin's Creed Syndicate)

40 something year old Jacob Frye is even hotter than 20 something year old one.

40 year old Jacob Frye is even hotter than 20 year old one- Klingt jetzt dumm aber, es stimmt n bissl😂😂😂

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Altair&Malik, Ezio&Leonadro and Desmond&Shaun Assassin's Creed

Violently surprising biscuits by seisei on DeviantArt these guys are creating a shipping monster out of me O^O

'around/in Thothia (Isle of Dawn) or Ylaruam

'around/in Thothia (Isle of Dawn) or Ylaruam

I hate this but love it too much <<< My heart is bleeding inside...

Strength by Kiaraz on DeviantArt<< how dare you! You see those shards in the floor? Those are my broken heart!

Assassins Creed origins

Assassins Creed origins