Love this clean, simplistic look!

Love the picture arrangement. been thinking about doing a traditional style rug in the bedroom with the modern grey and white stripe.

Weekend Meditation: Find What Feels Good Around the House

Weekend Meditation: Find What Feels Good Around the House

love the mantle over the couch and the black and white pictures.

I love this is reminds me of a mantle. Simple photo shelf ledge with strategically placed photos above couch.

Love the coziness of this, while feeling somewhat modern. Sofa + art. Also like the wall color

Our Current Home

You know the feeling when you walk into a space and something isn't quite right? The furniture is great and the layout works, but it feels chaotic or piecemeal? Nine times out of 10, that feeling is due to the (lack of) color scheme: homes are often designed over time, and without a color plan to work from, can wind up feeling haphazard. It's one of the reasons restaurants and hotels can look so inviting: designers know there is nothing quite like color for creating a mood and a sense of…

How To Pick a Color Palette That Will Pull Your Home Together

“We got back into Phoenix late last night after traveling for just about 25 days in a row. It was so amazing catching up with family, making new friends,…”