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How to fix a scratched CD with toothpaste. ~ I tried everything, pledge, bananas, nothing worked until I tried toothpaste! AWESOME!
Tutorial: Recicle used cd's by MizaoRocks on DeviantArt
The 5 Life Lessons Worth Memorizing From 'Little Miss Sunshine'
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Whenever there's any sort of topic where the general population doesn't have a solid understanding of the technology at hand, urban legends are born. You're probably familiar with such exaggerated stories - like the one where water boiled in the microwave can explode (only partially true), or the one about the Microsoft email beta test…
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How to fix your scratched CDs!  I, Amanda M., read this whole post word for word and the majority of the comments. I used alcohol instead of water, cotton balls, and crest pro health toothpaste.  I'm ecstatic to say that my FAVORITE System of a Down CD is playing as I type this!