Coca-Cola 2016 Supermarket #CocaCola #SidharthMalhotra #JoshJones #Commercial #Song

The new film romances the experience of drinking a Coca-Cola. Set in a supermarket, film opens on a handsome male shopper, played by brand ambassador Sidhart.

Most 'liked': A photo shared by Selena Gomez on Instagram showing the 23-year-old sipping Coca Cola through a straw has received four million 'likes'

Pic of Selena Gomez sipping soda through a straw is most 'liked'

Coke BR News - Coke Blog - Coca-Cola Blog: 125 years

2012 125 year Old Sytle blue label special edition Coca-Cola Japan

Christmas Coke Ads From 1920 To 2016 - Infographic

Christmas Coke Ads From 1920 To 2016 - Infographic

Take a look at our timeline infographic of Coca-Cola at Christmas and see how we've been a part of the festive season since with our iconic truck, Holidays Are Coming advert, polar bears and Santa Claus adverts.

Coca-Cola Polar Bear Fishing Figurine. Have this

Coca Cola Wooden Bench (Food Drinks) at Silversnow Antiques and

Coca-Cola "Slim Bottle" 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Coca-Cola Bottle Slim 1000 Piece Puzzle The Coke bottle is the international symbol of Coca-Cola in this slim 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle measures x when complete. For ages 12 and up