(2) Tumblr What an amazing piece of cast iron work...bet it sure throws some heat out..

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Gold Medal Glenwood stove -- This is epic. I'm sure it holds up much better than modern stoves. Not sure how I'd feel about having to burn wood though.

I just made this from an antique stove that we picked up. It was in great shape but missing a few parts. Needless to say I'm obsessed with my new coffee bar!

vintage oven repurposed as "coffee bar" (could keep the coffee in the oven and display teapots as well as have the coffee pot, etc.

Electric Victorian Stove. Comes in several colors.

Victorian Trading Co.

Elmira, Canada – The warmth and charm to enhance any country, century or Victorian kitchen is the hallmark of the Elmira Stove Works’ antique-style appliances. With careful attention to vintage des.