This is mocha , she's funny and playful but is very easy to scare. She has a good heart but isn't strong. Her mother is Starfighter and her father is Blizzard. She was adopted and her brother Quinn was too.

Dark Chibiterasu

Long time no upload sorry my exam is near, i have a lot to do to the animation: It´s dark chibiterasu ^^ When i saw him at the end of the game i fell in love with him XD so dark and evil .

Fluffy by NadiavanderDonk on deviantART

This is tigerclaw she is very determined to be the best worriors she can be but what she doesn't know is that her father was a traitor and people look down on her for that

Nai Loves You by on @DeviantArt

Kinda a vent but not Sorry I've been so absent and slow at getting back to people I've been away for a bit and I'll be away a while today as. Nai Loves You


Cute and fast he wolf. No mate or pups. Mother gave him blue eyes, because he was gray. 2 years old