No es una desmotivacion,pero me vale es mi tablero y puedo poner lo que yo quiera,ademas me gusta lo que dice

"It´s impossible", said the pride. "It´s risky", said the experience. "It has no sense", said the heart.", the heart whispered.

Cuarta imagen promocional de la película de Kimi no Na wa.

'your name.' Anime Film Earns Billion Yen, Surpasses Howl's Moving Castle In This Corner of the World rises to Kuroko's Basketball compilation film opens at Makoto Shinkai's your name. (Kimi no Na wa.

Ayamirin | Theres always a little truth behind every “Just...

It's so hard to fake a smile and act like everything is ok, much more so than letting everyone know I'm not alright. I may have a smile, but all I want is for you to notice I'm broken inside.

Imagenes Yaois [Graciosas] 2! - #26 - Wattpad

Imagenes Yaois [Graciosas] 2! - #26

Read from the story Imagenes Yaois [Graciosas] by Sombrereros (🎩) with reads.