One of my favorite photos by Andre Kertesz

Andre Kertesz-the subject is simple yet with specific lighting creates an unique shape. The lighting creates tones of black and whites contrasting the subject with its background.

André Kertész « Mírame y sé color

André Kertész

Andre Kertesz: Don't be afraid to see the ordinary in an extraordinary way

André Kertész: Tokyo, 1968 makes me think of Marry Poppins when all the nannies line up for the job.

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I love how Andre Kertesz takes normal, everday scenes and turns them into art. This photo is something you would see everyday, but he uses the elements and principles of design to create a good photo.

Mondrian's Glasses and Pipe by André Kertész • 1926 • As part of the Bruce Silverstein Gallery — Estate of André Kertész (1925-1930: Paris)

Andre Kertesz: Mondrian's Glasses and Pipe, The frequently used personal possessions of a famous painter, Mondrian. How does this begin to convey the owner's identity?