How the writing is designed on this around the feathers of a dream catcher with Evie's co-ordinates

Biggest Tatto Gallery - Incorporated into a tattoo of mom and dads view and the coordinates of where we grew up - Find Your Perfect Tatto Now

compass and anchor drawing - Google Search

Vintage Nautical Map with Anchor. We be sailin in some mystical seas. Are ye ready? Weigh the anchor, me hearties!

anchor                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Southern Silver

anchor tattoo (Crusafix) + rope (Hale Marys) holds together 'nautical rosary' + the (Glory Be) centerpiece is a ships wheel. Incorporate into Mike's navy tattoo.

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Tuesday Tips - VISUAL ANCHORS Here’s a way to identify and use whatever is at your disposal when drawing a clothed figure. Think of the volumes and angles you’re drawing and use whatever defines them to “hide” the construction lines you might be.