Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg, two of America's best poets

Bob Dylan & Allen Ginsberg, San Francisco 1965 "From the series of images shot in the City Lights Books alley originally for the Blonde on Blonde album (photographs not used in that project).

from 'kill your darlings' ginsberg is a real asshat for making me feel this way so late at night

before watching kill your darlings, i said 'give me pain or give me death' (knowing this is a movie about century homosexuality and how usually that stuff doesn't work out) and i wish i'd been given death. it would hurt less. i love this fucking movie

[Allen Ginsberg, self portrait in AP darkroom, 1949. Used for cover of Gates of Wrath. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

Ginsberg met Lucien Carr while an undergraduate at Columbia University and was introduced to Kerouac, Burroughs, and others already established in the New York Beat scene.

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