Print out a chart that works with your home. Recycle an old frame and frame it. Post in an accessible place. Use a dry-erase marker to check things off as you do them. At the end of the day/week/month use a soft cloth to clean glass. Great for kids and adults!

{a clean home

Framed cleaning lists for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks. Check off when completed and wipe off for the next time.

Chore Charts For Husbands and Wives + free printable blank chart

Adult Chore Charts for Husbands & Wives

Do It Yourself Chore Charts For Husbands and Wives. Motivate your spouse with monetary or goal based rewards + Free Printable Blank Chart to complete and use!

Weekly chore chart - free printable planner to keep you on task! Add it to your home management binder or frame it and easily check off your family responsibilities, a great chart for adults! Includes a pre-filled and blank chart.

Weekly Chore Chart Printable

My 3 Monsters: Housekeeping


In just about every shared household, whether boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, boyfriend/boyfriend, girlfriend/girlfriend, or with roommates, there is usually a discrepancy between one person's preference for household upkeep and another's. Such is the case with our friends: a happily married couple, with the sort of partnership and respect one hopes with all relationships...except in the department of household chores. The first step was acknowledging there was a problem...

Chore Charts and the Equitable Household

Even grown ups need a chore chart! Daily and weekly chalkboard chore chart for married couples. DIY with chalkboard paint and pens, an old clipboard, and some clothes pins.

10 DIY Chalkboard Ideas For Decor

Even grown ups needart!to do list Daily and weekly chalkboard chore chart for married couples. DIY with chalkboard paint and pens, an old clipboard, and some clothes pins.

Crafty Chore Chart Ideas | Click HERE for these chore charts HERE

Chore Ideas Around The House All The Best Tips And Tricks

Motivate your kids through all through the summer with these magnetic to-do lists.... Um, seems like a great idea for adults too

7 Easy Ways To Actually Be More Organized This Week

Ikea First & Morning Motivation Solution Use these awesome chore charts to get your kids motivated and moving in the morning.

Is your goal to raise children that are independent with good character and values? Research supports the importance of daily chores and responsibilities and the positive impact they have on a family. Wondering what age to start assigning tasks? Need ideas to get started? The Importance of Chores for Children (Printable Chore Chart Included)

Children NEED To Do Chores

Chores by Age by sunshineandhurricanes: Raising happy, responsible and independent kids means helping them gain the essential life skills they will need as adults.

Chore Charts for Husbands & Wives

Adult Chore Charts for Husbands & Wives

Chore Charts for Husbands & Wives. maybe yhe kids would enjoy chore charts more if we had one too.