Nice black and white picture of Tony a.k.a Iron Man. Definitely one of my favorite superheroes!

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man or Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine?

Snarky, smart and a goatee. I suppose there's worse things in the world. I love you Tony Stark!!!

24 Great Tony Stark Quips

Robert Downey, jr ~I'm sorry, but no one can top him as Tony Stark/Iron Man

<3 RDJ!!!  Do you think he'd come to my 27th  in 5 days if I randomly text him?? I WANT IRONMAN TOYS, TOO, ROBERT!!

Good Guy Robert Downey Jr.

"I always think I can't possibly love Robert Downey Jr. and then I find something like this and I'm proven wrong. He is amazing xD<<< wow. That guy is awesome

Robert Downey, Jr.

#ManCrushMonday: Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Downey Jr <----- I love Robert Downey Jr. He's so attractive and awesome actor! He made iron man cool. I was not a comic book person until i started watching iron man. His swagger is crazy cool but still ridiculously intelligent. - ak74-avengers-age-of-ultron-ironman-hero-art - - iPhone, iPad, iOS8, Parallax wallpapers

Got a little somethin for ya, folks. Just cuz you’re awesome, check out this new Iron Man poster for Avengers ‪ And don’t tell 'em I told you, but there’s a big announcement coming in 8 days… Shhhhhhh… ‪ - Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr omg let me love you


In 1908 sir Arthur Conan described Sherlock Holmes as "a man of iron" in 2008 Robert Downey Jr. played iron man, in 2011 he played Sherlock Holmes.

Official Posters for KBS “Iron Man” Revealed Along with Explanations Behind the Selection of Its Title

In an interview with Star News on September the chief producer Bae Kyung Soo of the upcoming KBS drama “Iron Man” revealed the reasons behind the select

Marvel's The Avengers Japanese Poster

Marvel's The Avengers Japanese Poster

The Avengers by Director Joss Whedon. Thanks to Nardog for sending us the new Japanese poster for The Avengers that has found a good way to show the characters and their superhero alter-egos. By the way, check out the look that Thor is giving Hulk.

Winner Robert

Winner Robert