PANEDOLCEALCIOCCOLATO: gâteau au chocolat ... Gâteau au chocolat Avec crème sûre et du café verser la Saint-Valentin sans cœur!

Chocolate Cake… Torta al cioccolato con panna acida e caffè per un San Valentino senza cuori!

Cilantro Mojo Sauce – Easy and delicious! This  sauce  goes well with everything. This cilantro mojo sauce recipe is fantastic. It goes well not only over meat, but also everything. The acid…

This is a garlicky spicy Latin sauce that works well with chicken beef or pork. Trim the thick stems from the cilantro, then add the thinner stems and leaves to a blender or a food processor, along with the garlic and salt. Process the mixture while slow

Chicken Paprika - Hungarian Chicken Paprikash ~ The Complete Savorist

Chicken Paprika - Hungarian Chicken Paprikash ~ Morry loved it kids ate it but didn't love it. Try smaller chicken bites and even more bell pepper next time. Used regular paprika, try sweeter Hungarian next time.

Corn Dip! An addictively good corn dip that you can throw together in 15 minutes. |

15 oz yellow and white corn can) drained 22 oz mexicorn cans) drained. can also use southwest corn 2 cups cheese shredded or grated, whatever flavor you prefer 1 cup mayonnaise 1 cup sour cream 1 bundle green onions chopped

Tarte tatin d'endive au chèvre et miel {Tangerine Zest}

Tarte tatin d’endive au chèvre et miel

No picnic would be complete without some good fried chicken. Our favorite fried chicken starts with an herbed buttermilk brine, gets dipped in a spiced breading and is finished by frying to crispy perfection. Brought to you from our Food Network Kitchen.

Our Favorite Fried Chicken