Little Gray Fox: 52 Reasons | Redux

52 Reasons I Love You. Perfect for Valentines or Anniversary. (this one is so true for me! your warm body + my cold feet = perfect snuggles!

Romantic letters for him to open in the future

Get personal this Valentines & win their hearts by crafting special things like bouquets of their favorite chocolate bars or boxes filled with their favorite liquors.

52 Reasons I love You | 23 DIY Valentines Crafts for Boyfriend

23 DIY Valentines Crafts for Boyfriend

RubberFUNatics: 2017 Occasions Mini Catalog

RubberFUNatics: Good Friend: Special Reason, Stylish Stems, Stampin Up 2017

So every year on his birthday we make a big deal of HIM! The whole day we do whatever he wants to do... here are several present ideas for your man!

Present Ideas for your Man... How to go Completely Overboard

52 Reasons Halloween Makeup Has To Be Perfect - Gallery

52 Reasons Halloween Makeup Has To Be Perfect

Halloween is just around the corner and your inner makeup queen might be yearning to step up your costume this season by rocking a fierce creative Halloween look.

benefits of walking 30 minutes a day | 30 Reasons to Walk 30 Minutes a Day!

IT'S OFFICIAL.these 2 Sweat Bees are now 30 years old! So, we would like you to help us celebrate this new milestone in our lives with a 30 day challenge! We know everyone has their own le.