Here is a selection of the 15 most intelligent objects that can be 3D printed at home with a 3D printer. To do this, it's simple ! Go download the 3D files on sites like Cults or Thingiverse and start printing with your own 3D printer or make it printed by a friend. These items will change your life or at least make you smile!

15 Ingenious Objects You Can 3d Print At Home

sculptural drawing by christina james nielsen: Presentation of sculptural drawings

sculptural drawing by christina james nielsen: October 2011 - EXAMPLE OF Space (Positive and Negative)


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Make way! 3D print ghost horse coming in!     Discover uncommon designs straight from your inbox - Check the link in bio!     #product by @designsbydora

Liven up that blank space with an incredible piece of art. This Equus horse sculpture is a wireframe structure of a horse in motion.