Denim was popular in the 70's

Sharp dressed man: Men's denim suits from a 1975 catalog.

More awesome summer fashion for my guy friends. That palm tree brooch really pulls this outfit together, don't you think?

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the 70s-1972 menswear img those white belts, hahah

The pants in this photo are bell bottoms. Bell bottom's are tight until the knee then they bell out at the bottom. The leg opening of bell bottoms are wide, but they are not as wide as many people presume.

15+ Reasons Why 1970s Men’s Fashion Should Never Come Back

15+ Reasons Why 1970s Men’s Fashion Should Never Come Back

mens fashion seems a bit odd. Although a lot wore bell bottoms, thes men are wearing very tights skirts and somewhat tight plants with some flare.

vintage 1970s men's fashion/clothing advertisement. wow. men's clothing in the 1970s WAS BAD

Flared Pants- 1970's to 2017 trend

Men's Fashion from the 1970's: The bell bottom pants became popular in the late 60s and continued to widen into the 70s as they gained in popularity. This was a time where polyester became a popular fabric to use in clothing. Also bold colors and prints became part of men's fashion for the first time. We can see in the image the use of plaids.

These men already know for whom the bells toll: them. Bell bottoms proved to be a popular styling choice in the and these 'ultra-slim fit, low rise' pants came in a color for everyone